Monday, May 4, 2009

Company Website

We have launched our company website :People Benefits.

Have a look at our website and our product ,your feedback/suggestions will be invaluable to us.

About People Benefits:

We all have a single work life objective 'People Benefits',
we have a unique way which easily and quickly automates your work,
we are low cost,
individually we incorporate experiences as high as 14 years in technology based solution provisioning, USA based university engineering education, and other university awards.
Looking back in our history we know that 'service' caught our imagination early on as the key factor in provisioning of benefits. Everyone provides service to others to get anything in return. If we setup a system on service based principles than we can help large number of users.
The early R&D work began in 2004 in one of the largest USA based Pharmaceuticals in the world involving their heads and key leaders in Sales, Marketing, Medical, IT and other key business players.
Project got quick momentum as everyone started to focus on the services and the benefits they were providing. Some members argued against it and we all knew that those divisions were the ones who needed service management in their areas the most.
Our first launch was a success and we automated a policy based work flow between sales, marketing and medical removing the delay in delivery of advance payment checks to sales reps who used to hold product promotion meetings with that money. The problem was first experienced when regional team decided to implement a policy that all payments to doctors must be approved by certain people in the company. Regional team did not realize that policies can be written on paper but cannot be implemented on paper, they need material infrastructure designed to ensure that policy is implemented. Other wise havoc gets created. As soon as some big shot says 'Lets do things this way' every one runs around hitting others, not knowing how to do it, until a new equilibrium is reached where a new policy, not the original one, evolves and gets implemented, this time around people develop their own ways of doing things, life goes on, everyone goes back to work.
This is the story of life. No rules and policies without systems, no systems without measurable accountabilities. No measures without things to measure with.
That lesson, and many more since than, have confirmed our belief in our vision and our product that we need to focus on the services that people provide and people receive. We need to create service oriented work management infrastructure which measures service level of these services.
All work flow systems of today are hard coded process flows, designed by one process engineer and used by others. In the real business world people act differently. They ask for services from others and every one is free to define and make modifications to their services that they provide. Just imagine as penetration of technology into our work life increases and we automate more and more work, how would it be possible to have one person, conceive, agree by all parties, setup, change and redesign long work flows. It’s not possible. That is why most work flow systems do not make huge customer bases like other business applications like ERPs.
Service Center follows natural work principle of service definition by all users, its exchange, its reuse in other processes, and its monitoring and management. You define your work; approvals, reviews, work routing in your department, changes in data forms, other rules on your services. Others just request them or use these services in their own processes that is it, easy, no complex long work flow setups.
We tested the system for more than a year and it is ready to quickly take your organization into next level of automation. People in your organization deserve this tool to make their work life easy, enjoyable and powerful.
Our single work life objective pushes us to serve you as best as we can. Our system and our team is ready to help you become the best service provider in the world.
What we say, what we do, what we sell, its all for - People Benefits.

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Syed Kamran Afzal Hashmi said...

It's really nice to hear that you launched your company websites as this was the thing I was asking you for long time good to hear that I didnt get time to see the demo video yet but will try my best to see it soon. Keep it up I know you have a potential to grow and will try my best to help you we are always here for suggestion. try to VISIT my blog I am not updating it regularly but start soon.