Monday, November 16, 2009

Service Center a simple BPM solution

Life is about growth and so is the objective of Business management. Continuous growth, where happy and motivated workforce keeps delivering benefits to ever increasing customer base, every day, with ever increasing motivation for more and more. This kind of growth demands real-time interconnectivity and information infrastructure, where decision making information flows and everyone interacts according to defined set of rules or processes. Just like human body. Where under single management domain trillions of body cells work together for the benefit of the man. Follow the rules of the body and it unleashes her potential or watch her decay by acting against these rules. In the business we can realize our dreams similarly if we can remove the disconnects and operational silos that exist in the business today. These silos are a result of lack of a business process management infrastructure.

Not surprisingly most of corporate decision making information is based on personal meetings, calls and emails (Source Network World). There is no organized information infrastructure that can help move hundreds of workers, distributors and other stake holders. As a result business management is becoming extremely difficult in today’s fast moving life. Service Center’s business process management provides the required information technology infrastructure, connecting people such that they can solve their problems and do what they are asked to do. Where paper based operation is replaced with automated processes. Where head office, field force, customers and other stake holders are connected on a single platform.

Where management can find out who is doing what in the company on a single click. Where automated alerts and escalations notify when policies and service level agreements are violated. Where everyone knows what is the SOP of any given process in the company. Where requesters login to manage their requests and find out their statuses and providers login to manger their work and find out their work performances. People are motivated and driven for continuous growth through clear objectives and operational excellence. Service Center will provide you a business process management infrastructure that is designed with unique work principles that you will not find in one single system else where. Use it to achieve continuous growth in your business life.